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Yotei Advisors Financial Planners has stunning Hong Kong skyline as our backdrop

Design Your Path to Wealth

With the stunning Hong Kong skyline as our backdrop, we invite you to chart your financial course with confidence. The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? At Yotei Advisors (HK) Ltd, we are more than just financial planners - we are your partners in creating a prosperous tomorrow.

Discover how to shape your financial future. Explore more below:



What We Do: We specialise in locating comprehensive medical insurance plans, ensuring they are personalized for individuals, families, and groups.

Why It's Important: Your health is priceless, and we ensure you're safeguarded in times of need. Our network of insurers provide efficient claims processing giving you peace of mind when it matters most.


Retirement Planning in Hong Kong

What We Do: We provide guidance on tax-advantaged retirement savings, covering eligibility, contributions, and secure retirement income options.

Why It's Important: A well-planned retirement is the reward for a lifetime of hard work. We make sure your golden years are truly golden.


Financial Savings in Hong Kong

What We Do: We collaborate with you to identify the means to achieve your future financial objectives using a variety of saving vehicles and investment strategies.

Why It's Important:  Financial stability commences with a robust savings strategy. We will steer you toward your ambitions while overseeing risks and devising a retirement plan that ensures comfort.

Employee Well-Being Solutions

A happy Team, Means a productive Team - Emplyee Well-Being Solutions with Yotei Advisors LtdMarketing team meeting

What We Do: We enhance  your company's benefits package by connecting you with cost-effective, customizable group insurance plans through our trusted partners.

Why It's Important: Happy employees are the backbone of a successful business. Attract and retain top talent with tailored group benefits sourced by us.


House, Travel and Domestic Helper Insurance Hong Kong

What We Do: As independent brokers, we link you to a range of insurance options, from travel and house insurance to domestic helper coverage, ensuring your best fit.

Why It's Important: Comprehensive general insurance is fundamental for responsible financial planning and securing your future. Here's why it matters:

Life Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance Solutions to Protect you and your family

What We Do: Our expert team acts as a dedicated insurance broker, helping you find the ideal Life Insurance solution, personalized to your needs.

Why It's Important:  Life Insurance is essential for safeguarding your family's future and your business. Trust us to guide you through this critical decision, prioritizing your family and financial security.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

Our Partners


AXA partner with Yotei Adviors in Hong Kong
Assicurazioni_Generali_Partner to Yotei Advisors in Hong Kong
Henner_partner to Yotei Advisors in Hong Kong
Bupa_Health Insurance partnered with Yotei Advisors Financial Planners in Hong Kong
Utmost International_partner with Yotei Advisors for Finacial Savings
Cigna opartnering with Yotei Advisors in Hong Kong
Transamerica_partnering with Yotei Advisors Finacial Planning in Hong Kong
MHS Int patners of Yotei Advisors Financial Planning in Hong Kong
April International partnered with Yotei Advisors Financial PLanning in Hong Kong


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