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Majestic Mount Yotei

Yotei Group of Sister Companies

"Much like the majestic Mount Yotei, which stands as a symbol of pride and distinction in Niseko, our family of Yotei companies proudly unites under a shared commitment to excellence. Mount Yotei brings these companies together, much like its towering presence in the Niseko landscape, and serves as a symbol of our collective strength and dedication.

Within our collaborative ecosystem, each Yotei sister company plays a unique role, contributing to the delivery of comprehensive solutions for our clients. 

These sister companies work in concert to offer you a comprehensive suite of financial services, insurance solutions, and investment opportunities, all with an unwavering focus on securing your financial future and helping you achieve your goals."

Yotei Advisors (HK) Ltd - Financial Planners in Hong Kong specializes in financial planning and insurance solutions.

Yotei Advisors (HK) Ltd

As the central pillar of the Yotei Group, Yotei Advisors is a licensed insurance intermediary that specializes in financial planning and insurance solutions. With a commitment to safeguarding your financial future, we offer expert advice and tailored insurance products.

JNW Properties Ltd

JNW Properties is a real estate sales and marketing company based in Hong Kong. With a primary focus on Japan and Thailand, our projects including in Niseko, SnowDog Village, SnowDog Chalets, and Raku Ichi Residences, offer attractive investment prospects in this highly desirable location.

SnowDog Village a ski-in boutique resort in Niseko

Waterloo Asset Management

Based in Luxembourg, Waterloo Asset Management offers discretionary management services, investment advice and wealth management to clients who wat a tailored service with high added value.

ThinkSafe Insurance Brokers

ThinkSafe is a prominent insurance brokerage firm in Koh Samui Thailand, working closely with Yotei Advisors to ensure that your insurance, assets and investments are adequately protected. We offer comprehensive risk management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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