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Alexandre Barmont

Managing Partner


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Meet Alexandre Barmont: Your Expert in Expatriate Financial Planning and Dedicated Sports Enthusiast

With over a decade of experience in international financial markets, Alexandre Barmont is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field. In 2011, he made Hong Kong his home and has since been passionately committed to assisting expatriates with their unique financial needs.

What sets Alexandre apart is not only his financial acumen but also his dedication to a well-rounded life. Besides his career, Alexandre is a dedicated sportsman who excels in squash, playing at a high level in Hong Kong. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the world of finance and into the realm of sports.

As an expert in expatriate financial planning, Alexandre intimately understands the distinct challenges and opportunities that come with living abroad. His primary focus centers on providing personalized solutions for the expatriate community, enabling individuals and families to make well-informed decisions in crucial areas such as life insurance, medical coverage, and comprehensive financial planning.

Alexandre's unwavering dedication to client success, financial security, and his passion for sports have earned him a stellar reputation as a reliable and compassionate advisor in the realm of expatriate financial planning.

+852 2117 7022

Alexandre Barmont
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