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Laure Watrin

General Manager

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Meet Laure, Our General Manager: The Back Bone of the Company

At Yotei Advisors HK Ltd, Laure leads the way, guiding the company towards its strategic goals of delivering exceptional financial and insurance solutions to our valued clients.

Laure's diverse background is as captivating as her love for travel. She earned her degree in property law and business in her native France, followed by five years of experience in London before embarking on her journey to Hong Kong. Over the next eight years, she immersed herself in the food and beverage industry, managing a total of 12 outlets.

Now, as the General Manager of Yotei Advisors and its sister companies, Laure brings her well-honed organizational and business skills to the forefront.

Laure is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and upholding a commitment to excellence. Beyond her incredible business skills, she shares a passion for gastronomy, which aligns serendipitously with her marriage to a talented chef. This unique combination of organisational proficiency and epicurean delights makes Laure an extraordinary leader at Yotei Advisors HK Ltd.

+852 2117 7022

Laure Watrin
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